Introductory Workshops can be delivered to your organisation or demonstrated at Rangeview. 

To present the benefits of equine therapy and what young people or adults are appropriate to avail of the benefits of equine therapy. 

This workshop is a discovery day into best understanding how we work with young people and adults.   A morning introductory workshop intended for Social Workers, Development Workers and those working with young people and adults, who would like further insights into how it works.  No prior horse experience required.  This is an interactive workshop where the powerful process of Equine Facilitated Psychotherapy & Learning will be demonstrated, within a safe, supported confidential environment.

How the young people and adults learn to communicate and feel more empowered by understanding their emotions and feelings.

Communicate authentically by being aware of any incongruence of feeling one way and acting another,  become more emotionally honest and compassionate in their interactions

Develop the ability to use the body as information and access its wisdom to become “present” and “grounded” in the moment

Expand the ability to use all of the senses in gathering information and making decisions – Looking, listening, seeing, hearing and smelling

Understanding, fight, flight or freeze – How we use our energy

Setting boundaries – Understanding boundaries & personal space