What is Child Protection and Safeguarding?

Child protection and safeguarding means protecting children from abuse, and identifying and stopping abuse that is already happening.

Abuse of a child or young person under the age of 18 is defined as follows.

Abuse is a deliberate act of ill-treatment that can harm or is likely to harm a child or young person’s safety, well-being and development. Abuse can be physical, sexual or emotional.

Neglect of a child or young person also constitutes abuse and can be defined as failing to provide or secure for a child or young person the basic needs of physical safety and well-being.

But remember that abuse may not fall easily into these categories. If you are in doubt, seek expert advice.

How do we Safeguard Children?

At Rangeview our priority is the protection of children, young people and adults.

We have an obligation and responsibility to protect, safeguard and promote the welfare of the children and young people and vulnerable adults with whom we work.

By having strong safeguarding procedures and practice, we provide a safe place for children and young people to engage with us and the services we provide.