Rangeview Equine Therapy Testimonial, Anonymous

We are in the midst of a very difficult family situation so when Equine Therapy was suggested for my 12 year old adopted daughter she was delighted. She has always loved horses and has done horse riding previously. I, on the other hand, was quite dubious because horses have always been big, scary beasts to me. It was agreed that I’d give it a go but if I didn’t like the horses I’d wait in the car with my book.

From the very first session Tania put us both at ease, explaining there was no riding involved and after a short introductory talk took us out to see the horses. We explored our own personal boundaries and learned about keeping ourselves safe around the horses. I soon realised that whereas I thought I was quite a controlling parent, my daughter was actually trying to control me. This was causing some conflict between us that I hadn’t understood.

I was very surprised that my daughter seemed to be afraid of these beautiful, calm animals and I didn’t feel scared. Tania helped me realise that she’s actually afraid of other things going on in her life that she has no control over and the horses can sense the anger and frustration in her.

Over the next couple of sessions we explored my daughters feelings more and Tania helped me see that my daughter was feeling a bit stifled because I was being over protective. After seeing her confidently lead a horse round an obstacle course on her own, I reluctantly agreed to let her walk our dog at home. I was amazed at how this made the walk less stressful for us all (including the dog!) and she is now regularly walking him. I can see that my daughter needs more independence and I need to let her have it.   Tania showed us that my daughter has come to rely on me to speak for her and I need to let her blossom more on her own while still being there when she needs me. She can actually show me a thing or two when she’s given the chance to stop worrying about me or others.

By the fourth session I was getting up close and personal with a horse and really liking it. We were almost rubbing noses. My daughter point blank refuses to go to any talking therapy and I still think she’d prefer more time petting the horses and less talking but I think this is an invaluable way to get to know each other better and learn more about what makes each other tick in a relaxed atmosphere.

I would highly recommend Rangeview Equine Therapy for everyone. I feel we have learned so much about horses and each other. It doesn’t feel like therapy at the time. It feels more like visiting friends in a beautiful setting.


Dear Tania,  when I arrived at your beautiful place with views on top of the world, I was numb with anxiety and you understood what I was going through. With no medication involved we started the ground work. Walking, talking, lots of fresh air.  You introduced me to the horses and that was a very special experience, a bonding, a learning and growing experience.  The horses were able to show me through non verbal communication how I was acting in real life and Tania you were able to verbally talk me through my situation. A great healing happened through my experience with the horses. I am truly thankful for your understanding and your ability to make me listen to myself. –  Carole



I had the pleasure of meeting Tania and her team recently by way of an introduction to her work. I’ve been a horse lover all my life and I can truthfully say I have never had such a moving, experiential and powerful experience in their company as I did that day with Tania. Her work is deeply transformative and for me I found myself witnessing and experiencing a connection that all at once brought me clarity about something I had been wrestling with for a long time. It was a freezing day and yet with the icy wind blowing all around us I left with a warm feeling of coming home to myself. This is powerful work and I can recommend Tania highly and with thanks!”

Penny C McClean, Coach at Life Reconnected


“I felt nervous, it was good but I felt pretty emotional and confused how it worked.  Talking made me feel better about myself”.  Age 13


“It was fun, was easy enough.  I liked the horses and I got used to them.  Mary and Bacardi got to know me better and trusted me”. Age 15 with MLD

“I have attended a number of counseling sessions with Tania and I have found her to be very understanding.  She is very patient and listens to what I have to say and more importantly she is non-judgmental, which has helped me feel at ease and able to talk about issues that have been effecting me.  Over the last number of months I have gained a greater insight into why I have felt the way I have about so many things, as a result I feel I have grown in confidence and much more able to deal with life’s challenges”.

Thank you (Anonymous)