We believe it is important to take a 3 pronged approach to deliver support:

1)  Support the young person/adult

2)  Support the parent/care giver

3) Support the social worker/care system


  • 1)  TESSA (Therapeutic, Education and Support Services in Adoption)
  • 2)  CAMHS (Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services)
  • 3)  Northern Trust (Fostering)
  • 4)  Southern Trust (ASD – CAMHS)
  • 5)  South Eastern Trust (Adoption and Community Mental Health)
  • 6)  Simon Community 

Tania Watson

Equine Facilitated Psychotherapist (MNCS Accred) (CBT cert) (EALP Level 6).

Qualified Counsellor in Trauma & Addictions

Qualified Equine Facilitator 

40 years experience with horses

10 years foster care experience

Our Horses

Mary has a very sweet nature and has built many positive relationships with young people.

Spike is a gentleman who is able to help individuals reflect on their behaviour.

Rosa is friendly and affectionate. 

Experiential Sessions

Our sessions are safe, confidential and innovative.

The focus is on human skills rather than horse skills. The sessions are also non-directive to allow children to problem-solve and be creative, leading to self-discovery and greater self confidence.